When you need managed services in Vancouver to maintain peak operation in the IT network of your small business, consider us here at TAVANCA. We'll manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee so you can focus your efforts on spurring your revenues to grow. Let us give you the peace of mind you deserve with your small business today with TAVANCA's managed services.

When you sign up with our managed services, here are some of the substantial benefits:

  • Tailored Packages – We know that every businesses' needs are completely different from the next, so we offer 100% custom packages for any business size or budget.
  • Predictable costs 24/7 – TAVANCA doesn't charge you more when your network is down or a server fails. Our flat-rate fee covers all of that whenever you need it done.
  • Ramped up productivity – Never stress again about network failures, as our managed services include round-the-clock monitoring of your computers and network to help prevent problems before they happen.
  • We are always available – Part of what makes our managed services so exceptional is that we are always available, regardless of time or holiday.

You can rest easy when you put your IT support needs in our hands. Contact us today for more information.

Leave the Tech Stress Behind! and Use TAVANCA because they make ‘IT’ easy

“Not being from a technical background myself, TAVANCA took the mental weight off me. It is nice to just explain my ideal outcome and have a team understand and systemize the steps and process to get to that outcome.

Other IT firms were hesitant to take on a small team like mine. And the team at TAVANCA not only helped me but made my requirements their priority. TAVANCA made it easy to understand, the budget is clear, and the team is very responsive. Overall, I appreciate how helpful they were throughout the process.”

Molly Sprague Molly Sprague Director of Operations
Good Space Plans Online
Vancouver, BC

Saving Me Time & $$$, I Wish I Discovered TAVANCA 10 Years Ago!

“In the past, I would suffer through computer problems, bring it to Apple or a computer store… and they RARELY solved the issue. That’s not the case with TAVANCA — they have customized solutions to SOLVE my problem FAST!

The team at TAVANCA has saved me so much time and productivity and ultimately my bottom line financially. You have nothing to lose by trying them… except your IT problems! 😉 Seriously, I wish I found them 10 years ago!”

James Hicks, P. Eng. Principle
Evolve Mechanical Solutions Inc.
Vancouver, BC

TAVANCA Is Very Responsive And Efficient

“Our experience with another IT provider was that they weren’t always responsive when we needed help. Then we found TAVANCA — what a difference! Theresia at TAVANCA is always responsive and fully invested in setting things right up for us.

Even for a small firm like ours, they give us priority attention. I appreciate the time and effort their team took to get our Office 365 transferred over smoothly and efficiently. We’ve referred TAVANCA to another client who also loves their work, and I have no hesitation referring them again.”

Avrom Digance Avrom Digance Founder and CEO
Web242 Media, Inc.
Vancouver, BC


“When we had frustrating Wi-Fi issues, I was happy TAVANCA quickly resolved the problem. Now that they’re responsible for our computers and IT, things just go smoothly. I know that anytime I have a technical question, I can call anyone at TAVANCA and they will give me the answer I need.

That’s peace-of-mind. I TRUST their recommendations, and I’m happy to recommend their services.”

Paul Grunberg Owner
Savio Volpe, Caffè La Tana and Pepino’s
Vancouver, BC

Very TRANSPARENT and completely DELIVERED with minimal downtime

TAVANCA delivers the smooth transitions you want without all the “techie drama” you don’t. Other IT companies tend to overcomplicate problems, adding time, money and drama. As a client, we appreciate simple SOLUTIONS and IT that works. That’s what TAVANCA provides.

We love that they upgraded our servers, allowing us to work remotely — at home or on the road easily and efficiently while the server is fully protected. Every time we need a solution, TAVANCA has been very transparent in defining the scope of work and then completely delivering on it with minimal downtime to our office. The employees are friendly and have a relaxed approach.

Brian Billingsley Principal
b Squared Architecture Inc.
Vancouver, BC

Theresia and Rush make quality IT easy and efficient so we can work on our business

I feel 100% confident Theresia and Rush have their eyes on our full IT infrastructure so we don’t have to worry about it. Their proactive approach attacks potential issues so our business never suffers.

Because they use tools like virtual scheduling, remote access and good documentation, they are very efficient, and we can quickly sign off on projects. It’s clear they are committed to delivering extraordinary service.

Ella Kane Principal + Creative Director
Vancouver, BC

Thanks for always responding QUICKLY and showing us how to make our company more secure!

TAVANCA presented us with a quality IT and cybersecurity assessment of our company. Not only was it quick, it was also VERY thorough and straightforward. I appreciated their findings and recommendations for both short-term and long-term solutions.

As always, the team at TAVANCA is always very fast to respond no matter if it’s a big issue or a simple question. And I love that we now know the exact steps to take to make our company more secure. Thanks for all you do!

Alex Osan Business Development Specialist
Multiservices Vancouver
Vancouver, BC

With a super-fast response rate, TAVANCA is NOT your average cookie cutter IT company!

The entire team at TAVANCA makes me feel special because they always make themselves available for us anytime! They are not your average cookie cutter IT company for two reasons: 1) Their IT service offering is FAR BETTER than anything else we’ve tried, and 2) Their response rate is MUCH FASTER than others. Either they answer your call or they’re quick to call you back… every time!

Lauren Reid Founder
LMR Digital Marketing
Vancouver, BC

Beyond their vast IT knowledge, I love their team’s friendly attitude and quick response!

No matter what questions I have about our technology, TAVANCA’s team is always quick to respond. Even better, they are always so FRIENDLY and appreciative of our service! I also love that they are very knowledgeable about IT and computers.

When my laptop was underperforming, I knew a retail store employee would SELL me on their most expensive model. Instead, I asked a few members of the TAVANCA team for their advice. I was thoroughly impressed. Each one took the time to review every single laptop to find the absolute best one for me. I so appreciate the one-to-one time and the honest advice!

Janeil Mackay Owner
Pretty Things & All Occasions
Vancouver, BC

Friendly and flexible, TAVANCA goes above and beyond for their clients!

When you hire an IT services firm, you HOPE they do what they say they will and get the work done efficiently and successfully. That’s exactly what TAVANCA promises and delivers! Not only is the work done on-time, they are always friendly and accommodating to our schedule. Rushabh in particular is very flexible and goes above and beyond what you expect!

Hayson Chan Partner
Truspect Consulting
Vancouver, BC

Expertise, personable and ALWAYS quick to respond

What I look for in an IT services firm is a team that makes our jobs easier because they respond when we need them. That’s TAVANCA! Whether a simple question or a potential problem, I can instantly connect with someone and get the answers or solution I need fast. Plus, I appreciate that they are abundantly clear so we are never in the dark about our IT infrastructure and technology.

Taayla Mark Taayla Mark Owner
Engrace Financial Solutions
Vancouver, BC

Always quick to respond to our IT needs!

Time remains our most important gift every day. Therefore, we appreciate any company that values our time. TAVANCA has proven over and over how they put our time and needs FIRST by always quickly replying and following up to our computer and IT needs.

I appreciated the clear and continuous communication we received from their team as we transitioned our domain name. The whole experience was a breeze. Thank you TAVANCA!

Anu Kainth 20.0 Lab Inc.
Vancouver, BC

Responding within JUST 10 MINUTES, we know we can rely on TAVANCA!

“Our company benefits so much by having TAVANCA support our IT needs. First, TAVANCA always responds QUICKLY! I have never waited more than 24 hours to get an issue resolved. Plus, they usually reply in 10 minutes or less! That’s why we know we can rely on them in a pinch.

The best thing about them is that we are far MORE PRODUCTIVE and can spend more time on our business because we know they have our IT and security needs handled.”

Ali Watters Procurement + Admin Manager
Vancouver, BC

CLEAR communication and a QUICK response — We fully recommend TAVANCA!

We love how clearly TAVANCA communicates with us about what work needs to be done in both the short and long term. They always respond to urgent items quickly, and they make a plan to implement important items.

Our last IT firm was only REACTIVE. As a result, small problems became BIG PROBLEMS. Thankfully, TAVANCA has a PROACTIVE approach, so we have fewer problems in the future. We fully recommend TAVANCA because they have given us the tools to manage the layers of software and hardware better than we had previously. Plus, they provide peace-of-mind by creating a roadmap to monitor all of our information technology so we protect against old systems failing.

Chad Falkenberg Principal
Falken Reynolds Interiors Inc
Vancouver, BC

Because we feel so TAKEN CARE OF and SECURE with TAVANCA, we can focus on our work!

TAVANCA sets itself apart from other IT services firms with its PERSONABLE approach. We trust them, feel comfortable with them, and we know who we are dealing with. That combination makes us feel taken care of and secure.

Their team continuously provides meaningful IT support for all members of our organization that is RESPONSIVE and very ORGANIZED. Because TAVANCA’s approach to IT is easy to understand, logical and doesn’t inconvenience our time, we can better focus on getting our work done fast. Hop on a Zoom call with Theresia, and you’ll understand what makes them special.

Faizal Nuraney Barrister & Solicitor
Vancouver, BC

Everyone At TAVANCA Really Knows Their Work!

“Experts in IT, everyone we’ve met at TAVANCA REALLY knows their work!

Since moving our company to their IT services, we’ve enjoyed MULTIPLE benefits:

First, our entire team can easily work from a single, centralized place.

Second, we are now CLOUD BASED!

Third, TAVANCA set up each team member with their own login.

As a result, we are now more convenient, more efficient, and more secure.”

Sayed Najibi Team lead
SN Group
Vancouver, BC

I TRUST TAVANCA! They’re Always Thinking Of Ways To HELP My Business!

“I highly recommend hiring TAVANCA for your IT services for several reasons…

#1 – Their IT services are EXTREMELY BENEFICIAL to our organization.
#2 – They understand our business. Plus, they are always thinking of ways they can HELP our business while saving us money at the same time.
#3 – Trust is very important to me, and I trust their people!

The single biggest benefit of having TAVANCA as our IT firm is that they’re always there to help me when I need help. I feel like they’re working WITH me.”

Lisa Sukul, CFDS Planning by Lisa Financial Solutions
Vancouver, BC

TAVANCA Works Around OUR Schedule And Always Responds FAST!

Since we hired TAVANCA, Rushabh and Theresia have done their best to work around our schedule. Plus, compared to other IT services providers, their response time is always VERY FAST!

Our biggest benefit since moving our IT services to TAVANCA has been a SIGNIFICANT improvement of both speed and productivity. They accomplished this by installing extra RAM on all of our computers. If you’re not happy with your current IT firm, you can’t go wrong with TAVANCA! Go ahead and hire them. You won’t be sorry!

Nikolay Eskin MA ALS Notary Public
Eskin Notarial Corporation
Vancouver, BC

I Know If Our System Goes Down, TAVANCA Will Get Us Back Up And Running Quickly

“The single biggest benefit I see since moving our IT services to TAVANCA has to be my peace of mind. I have 100% confidence that if our system goes down, their team will get us back up and running as soon as they possibly can. With TAVANCA protecting our network, I sleep better at night.

Beyond security, TAVANCA’s communication and organization is BETTER than other IT firms. We receive immediate confirmation that our request has been received. Then they PROMPTLY follow up as to how and when the issue will be addressed.”

June Gambrel Interim Executive Director
Surrey Food Bank
Surrey, BC

With TAVANCA, service and client engagement are in ANOTHER STRATOSPHERE!

Both my husband and I have had experience working with both large IT departments and external service providers. I can tell you that NOBODY comes close to Theresia and TAVANCA when it comes to their technology expertise, thoroughness in assessing our needs and discussing our options, as well as the breadth and depth of solutions provided.

For us, our biggest benefit is that TAVANCA has given us peace of mind to ensure our organization is protected through their cybersecurity assessment, comprehensive plan and strategies. Their team also streamlined our email systems. Everything they’ve done has allowed our organization to GROW! 

In comparing TAVANCA to other IT firms we’ve worked with, their level of customer service and client engagement is in another stratosphere! It’s way beyond any other IT service provider I have EVER encountered.

Karen Yip Founder & CEO
Vancouver, BC

By listening to our needs and responding FAST, TAVANCA continuously proves they CARE

“TAVANCA goes above and beyond when it comes to IT services. How? They take the time to listen, understand and then explain their perspectives to ensure we are making the right technology decisions that are best for our business. Their experts make complex technologies EASY to understand so our business is safer, more secure and more productive.

TAVANCA is very RESPONSIVE to make sure the technology we use on a daily basis is working correctly. Not only is their team professional and friendly, they break down our overarching goals into steps that are prioritized based on our needs.”

Alanna Rogers Brand Development
Pacific Solutions Contracting
Vancouver, BC

Organized, thorough and responsive! TAVANCA truly cares about our business, and it shows!

Thoroughness is one word that describes the team at TAVANCA. Before doing any work, they always check in with us to make sure we clearly understand all options. Plus, if we are approaching our monthly budget, they help us out by delaying any work to the next billing period! That’s going above and beyond.

TAVANCA also shows us how they care for our team with their unparalleled responsiveness, reliability and patience. They are always quick to return our calls, quick to come on-site if needed and their turnaround service is impressive!

Lana Dooling General Manager
Vancouver, BC