Technology is continually changing, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the latest features and updates or even the most recent security standards. Staying on top of innovations and technological changes can make a difference to be more efficient as your competitors. Even though the technology is steadily developing, unfortunately, it tends to fail, very often in the most inappropriate situations. There can be multiple reasons for that. Maybe the issue is caused by hardware or software failures, malicious activity, or simple human errors. These and many other factors can slow down the productivity of your business and prevent you from satisfying your customers. 

TAVANCA is there to help, and we provide 24-hour technical support to maintaining and monitoring all aspects of your IT infrastructure to ensure your business is up and running when you need it. 


Our experts have extended knowledge with Professional working in the following areas: 

  • Accountants 

  • Architects 

  • Graphic Designer 

  • Lawyer

  • Educational Institutions

  • Non-profit-organizations 


Our expertise includes the following, but is not limited to: 

  • Data Protection 

  • Disaster Recovery and Backup Plan 

  • Network Security 

  • Risk Management 

Please reach out to us using the form below or send an email to helpdesk@tavanca.ca if you have any questions.

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