Who Is Theresia Joseph And Why Is Everyone In
Cyber Security Talking About Her?

 Rushabh Raval, CTO and Theresia Joseph, CEO

A Business Built Around People

We believe all businesses deserve an IT company that’s focused on people, not sales goals. We founded TAVANCA to build a business around people and results.

Our focus is people because we have witnessed what happens when businesses shift from being client-focused to sales-focused: employees leave, the purpose is lost, growth declines and client results suffer. The potential of modern technology is boundless! But you need to trust that the right people are behind it so you can find real solutions that work for your specific industry. 

Honestly, we believe that a client-focused business is the only kind of business worth being. To make sure we give our clients the best experience from start to finish, we built our proprietary process. 

Theresia Joseph Sees The Whole Picture Of IT Security And
Allows Businesses –And People –To Thrive

Theresia Joseph can’t stand to see people struggle at the hands of failing technology. Before she founded TAVANCA, a Vancouver-based managed services provider, Theresia was a medical assistant at a practice outside of Berlin, Germany. She witnessed how gaps in technology support affected the workflow of hospital staff and the livelihood of the patients they were committed to helping. 

Patients depend on technology. EKGs, heart monitors and other devices track vital data and translate it into beneficial measurements that impact patients' quality of life, even providing life-saving results. But while working in the medical practice, Theresia noticed that several computers needed updates, new software or vital backups. “I wanted to make sure all the updates were running smoothly and there were no security issues. It breaks my heart to see people wait on care if technology doesn’t work,” says Theresia. Being the go-to IT technician on her medical team was not part of her job description, but for her, it was as natural a process as taking care of her patients.

Theresia’s Top Areas Of Expertise

  • Cyber Crime and IT Security

  • Security Awareness Training

  • Microsoft 365

  • Google Workspace and Google Platform

  • AWS

  • VoIP

  • Disaster Recovery

  • macOS, Windows, Linux

Theresia has helped dozens of businesses across British Columbia protect against attacks before they happen with her unique proprietary process for working with clients. She’s worked with clients in countries around the world and is a highly sought-after speaker. She has more than 10 years of experience in information technology and has earned a degree from FOM University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management, Frankfurt, Germany.

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Top Reasons You Will Want To Work With Us

We Proactively Work To MINIMIZE Your IT Budget.Too many IT services providers offer high-priced solutions that do little to benefit their clients. That’s not us. We are FANATICAL about keeping your IT costs as low as possible. First, we work one-on-one with your accountant to scrutinize all IT-related expenses. In fact, we recently saved a client hundreds of dollars by discovering unused software licenses. Second, we make sure you are not paying for multiple IT services that offer similar benefits. Too many companies are unknowingly throwing money away paying for duplicate services. Finally, we believe in 100% transparency. You will never see a hidden cost or added fee that was not previously discussed with you.

Our Team Helps You To PLAN And ACHIEVE Your Business Goals.Your goals become our goals. Rather than a one-size-fits-all plan, we always work in your best interest to determine your short-term and long-term goals. Only then do we create a technology and IT infrastructure plan specifically for you. In addition, we help you to plan a transparent technology budgetso you know what costs to expect now and through the next five years. Our clients appreciate having a clear technology roadmap with no surprise costs.

By Providing Clear Documentation, Your IT Process Should ALWAYS Run Efficiently.Without proper documentation and procedures, any hiccups to your organization (employee quits, new hire or even working with another MSP) could bring your company to a screeching halt. Most MSPs ignore this key step. Not TAVANCA. We implement a very thorough program where we document and update ALL software licenses, ALL hardware and servers, as well as ALL IT and technology procedures. By providing this extra level of service, our clients are never left in the dark.

100% Unconditional Satisfaction Guaranteed.Our promise to you and your trust in us are critically important. Therefore, we will never hide behind a weak “fine print” guarantee. Instead, we will always do whatever it takes to ensure you are THRILLED with our service. First, because your time is valuable, if we are ever latewe will make it up to you with our no-questions-asked 50% discount which will be immediately applied to that current service. Second, if for any reason we cannot successfully deliver what we promised to you, we will gladly refund all ofour labourcosts to you. Your satisfaction is our top concern.

More Than Knowing IT, We Get To Know Your Business.Today, it’s not enough to simply be IT experts. We must also grow to understand our clients’ businesses so we can better help them to succeed. Therefore, we align our IT strategies with your organization’s goals. We also constantly ask questions to address technology concerns in your specific industry. Finally, we meet with your team each quarter to review how we can better maximize efficiencies, maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

We Respond FAST To Keep Your Business Running.We get it. When your technology is down, you’re not making money. If you ever experience ANY IT-related problem —whether during work hours, nights or weekends —the TAVANCA team will respond within 60 minutes GUARANTEED. We work hard to make sure all processes run smoothly DURING work hours. We also make an 

We Take Extraordinary Measures To Protect Your Data And Business.At TAVANCA, cyber security isn’t just an add-on service, it’s paramount in EVERYTHING we do. We make it a priority to ensure all ofyour technology is protected with the most up-to-date anti-virus software and security patches. Beyond remotely securing your computers and servers from a data breach, our IT security experts provide on-going training to ensure your team is helping to protect your data and business.