TAVANCA offers constructive solutions for small to medium businesses for ultimate productivity. We focus on optimum business models that look after your security as well as providing technical support, where we work hard to improve your infrastructure, which includes proactive service such as audits, projects, and training's as described under the service tab on our website.


At Tavanca, our primary goal is creating user-friendly IT support that builds long-lasting relationships between your business and our IT professionals. Our experts can be reached via phone or email and will help you with any IT related issues, questions, and concerns to ensure your business is up and running. 



  • Predictable expenses due to effective IT planning and budgeting

  • 24/7 availability to provide support, monitor, and maintain your systems as necessary

  • Various IT experts with different skills to look after any IT related issues or questions

  • Complete documentation of your IT infrastructure to guarantee a minimum downtime

  • Remote support to quickly address upcoming issues. 



  • During the last month, you have looked after your IT infrastructure, but your company is growing quickly, and so are the needs.

  • Your dedicated IT person is leaving your organization to start a new job.

  • You will need to meet a deadline this afternoon, but you accidentally deleted a file, and you have no knowledge on how to recover the data, and all IT experts are either far beyond your budget or scheduled out for the next few days. 

  • Your current IT provider is scheduled out until the end of next week and does not have the resources to address your concerns. 

Please feel free to contact our helpdesk support if you have any specific questions.

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