TAVANCA offers a different set of audits to review every detail regarding your hardware, software, network, and security. After inspecting your system, we will provide you with a report which identifies the needs of your business, including recommended solutions. This information will help you to protect your corporate assets and ensure the integrity of your data while aligning to your company’s overall goals. 


Your benefits in performing an audit: 

  • Complete understanding of your current IT infrastructure, pointing out any weaknesses of your technology system that needs to be addressed. 

  • Detailed project roadmap, including priorities to help you make the best decision for your business and improve your network on an ongoing base. 

  • Avoiding unexpected and cost-intensive downtime due to critical system issues.


Here a few examples of what will be audited by our professionals: 

  • Review current software, including licenses, patches, and upgrade status

  • Examine file permissions and system access

  • Assess policies and procedures compliance 

  • Evaluate processes and procedures in case of information systems’ disaster 

  • Analyze current backup used to store critical business information


Please feel free to contact our experts if you have specific concerns about your systems.

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